Thank you

Dear residents of Ward 4,

Thank you to all those who voted for me on October 22 in the race for Town Councillor of Ward 4 in Milton. Although I ended in second place, I must assure you and every resident that I will continue to be an active member of the community, contributing to improve our Ward and City.

I wish to congratulate Sameera on her election as the Town Councillor Ward 4 and Zeeshan as the Regional Councillor Ward4.

Let us all continue to do our part to make our Ward and City one of the best places to reside in.

Thank you!

Jean Claude Ngansoo.

About Me

Dear Neighbour !

I am an experienced Real Estate agent working with Ipro Realty Brokerage in Milton. My family and myself have been living in Ward 4, Milton for many years now. I also work in Milton. I am passionate about serving my community in my personal and professional endeavours.

I've decided to be your local candidate in ward 4 for the Milton municipal election taking place on October 22, 2018.

As your local Councillor, I am determined to serve you  by bringing all your raised issues as proposal in Councillor's chamber. By focusing principally on safety, fairness, property taxes, family, infrastructures and other local issues.

Living in Milton for many years,  I have contributed to helping my community by volunteering in local, provincial and federal level as well as to building a french community in Milton and Halton.

As an entrepreneur,  I have perfect skills in time management. I would therefore make myself available to serve you as your local Councillor ward 4.